HTC 1500iXT Grinder

The HTC 1500 ixT is a ride-on machine that functions just as well in large areas as small. It rotates 180° on the spot. The machine’s grinding head consists of two modified 650 HDX heads, the grinding width is around 1.4 m and the motors are 11 kW each.

The machine is incredibly effective and grinds large areas in a short time, which means huge time-savings for the client. The HTC 1500 ixT is compact and easy to operate, with a clear, easy-to-understand control panel. It is also silent and has a considered ergonomic design. The machine is electrically-powered, but also has batteries that make transportation easier, as you can drive the machine for loading and unloading. The HTC 1500 ixT is equipped with a Mist Cooler System and has two integrated suction devices that contribute to a better working environment. The grinding head can be raised and lowered which, combined with the EZchange system, makes it easy and convenient to replace tools and saves a lot of time.


If you want an effective machine that strips large areas in a short time and can also work in small areas, provides a professional impression and which you can learn to operate quickly, then the HTC 1500 ixT is the right machine. The HTC 1500 ixT grinds up to 30 m² of HTC Superfloor™ per machine hour.

  • A machine for large areas that can also strip small areas
  • Silent machine with ergonomic design
  • Compact and easy-to-operate; controlled with joysticks
  • Integrated suction devices
  • Battery operation for transport, loading and unloading
  • The grinding head has 2 x 11 kW motors
  • 40 m electrical cable
  • Grinding width 1.4 m

BLASTRAC ShotBlaster

  • Easily maneuverable, self-propelled machine–forward and reverse
  • Quick-lift rear caster assembly for easier transporting
  • AC inverted drive-motor with integrated brake for even, down-slope operation on ramps and inclines
  • Highly versatile and appropriate for medium to large job sites
  • Excellent for industrial floor prep, road and airport maintenance, asphalt blasting, decontamination, and much more
  • Labor and time-saving shot blasting process strips, cleans and profiles in one step−cost effective and friendly to the environment
  • Operates virtually dust-free when connected to the Blastrac 6-54, 8-54, or 955DC dust collector−healthier for the operator and other workforce


Terminator 2000

The workhorse in flooring removal technology, the Terminator 2000 takes up thousands of square feet of carpet, vinyl composition tile (VCT), vinyl, ceramics, hardwoods, elastomerics, epoxies, decorative coatings, roofing material, sport courts and other products in a single day. Large, time sensitive projects are no problem with convenient propane power.



  • Typical production 10 to 20 times faster than conventional methods of chipping and scraping.
  • Removes 80-90 percent of the majority of floor coverings on the first pass.
  • Fits through standard doorways and elevators.
  • Very low emissions and fumes.

With the Terminator 2000, Jones Tile can remove up to 2,500 sq. ft. of flooring per hour. That’s 20,000 sq. ft. in 8 hours! A water-misting attachment keeps airborne particles and carbon dioxide emissions within acceptable levels.


Dingo 300 Utility Loader

With the Dingo 300 Utility Loader, Jones Tile can accomplish your job faster and with fewer workers to save you money. It’s a compact hydraulic power plants that accomplishes tasks done by hand or by less productive machines in a fraction of the time.


Tennant 3640 Walk Behind Floor Sweeper

The Tennant 3640 Walk Behind Floor Sweeper helps us give you the best clean up results possible, anywhere, even in congested areas.


  • A high-capacity filter panel holds lint and dust.
  • The filter system controls dust in heavy dust applications.
  • One hour of hand sweeping is accomplished in 10 minutes.

 Predator 4-Head Grinder

When superior results are desired an ordinary floor grinder just will not do. Gaining just the right finished look calls for a concrete floor grinder meant to handle difficult conditions and produce results that truly shine.


With their incredible balance, ease of use, wide range of tooling options, and unmatched production capabilities, our Predator line stands apart from the competition. The Predator grinders are the right choice for polishing or grinding cement, concrete, natural stone, marble, granite, terrazzo and more. They are designed from the ground up to provide the concrete grinding polishing results that customers demand and deserve.